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Susan has taught songwriting workshops to kids of all ages - from 6 all the way up to adult (but young at heart).


Susan has been a mentor at the Real Life, Real Music Summer Camp in The Woodlands, Texas for the past five years.  She's also given workshops and talks at The Brauntex Theater, The San Antonio Songwriters' Saloon, The Songwriters Serenade Competition, The Bugle Boy Soldier' Songs Program, Belmont University, UT Austin, NSAI Nashville and Houston Chapters, and at The Boys and Girls Club among others.


Susan draws from her experience as a commercially successful songwriter as well as a nationally touring, independent artist with 5 albums of original material in her catalog. She can address a variety of topics from writing to business.


She is available for workshops, speaking engagements, and class visits...and is always willing to work with interested folks!  Drop Jana a line at if you would like more information about a workshop in your area.

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