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Adam Dawson: Broken Jukebox Media

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Latest Release: The Hard Stuff (October 2019)


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Quotes and Articles
"The Hard Stuff is what happens when a brilliant intellect conjures heart and life experience into song, conveyed in a voice you want to crawl inside forever, and produced to perfection without any hint of compromise." - Eliza Gilkyson
"When I listen to a Susan Gibson song, I know she is sharing a piece if her heart and soul with me. Susan writes about true stories in her life. She writes with courage puts forth her message with powerful and heartfelt guitar and vocals. It only takes a few lines of her recorded songs for me to recognize that "Susan Sound." Her new record has that for sure. Enjoy....." - Lloyd Maines -  Music producer and musician.

The Hard Stuff Press and Reviews

Alan Cackett Review

"One of the most inventive songwriters of her generation."

Austin Chronicle - Doug Freeman

"Gibson returns as poignant and vital as ever."

How Did I Get Here? Podcast with Johnny Goudie

Episode 864

Austin 360 On the Record - Peter Blackstock

"Her exquisitely well-crafted songs got pristine production from Belle Sounds co-leader Andre Moran at Mark Hallman’s Congress House studios in South Austin."

Americana UK Review

"Susan Gibson is, quite simply, a songwriter at the top of her game."

Americana Highways Review

"She weaves a strong, diversified collection of mature, achingly honest tales of life’s experience & the benefits of wisdom."

Americana Highways - 8 x 10 Premiere

"Gibson delivers heartache in a bittersweet package on The Hard Stuff, and this song is the pinnacle."

Lonestar Music - Wildflowers in the Weeds Premiere

"It’s the best album that the award-winning singer-songwriter’s ever made."

Wide Open Country - The Hard Stuff Premiere

Now Playing: Susan Gibson's The Hard Stuff -​

Fervor Coulee- roots music opinion Review

"Literate, discreetly sharp songwriting, with an intense yet easygoing manner of presentation is Gibson’s hallmark. The Hard Stuff is a great album."


"Susan has spent more than a decade crafting great songs that share (and usually exceed) the qualities that made "Wide Open Spaces" such a hit - authenticity, wit, and themes to which just about anyone with a heartbeat can relate." - No Depression Review


"There’s the one single element that’s remained true and consistent throughout: her easy-going believability that cuts straight through pretentiousness or fraudulent emotions. It cuts to the core of the human experience. At times it’s bold and brave. At others, she’s incredibly honest with a glimpse of those insecurities, intimate details, and exposed feelings that we all encounter from time to time. " - New Slang Lubbock Interview


"Gibson, as she did with her smash "Wide Open Spaces," strikes strong emotional chords without getting sappy, and celebrates life and love without resorting to platitudes." - San Antonio Express News


"She’s a Texas Panhandle stylist with a voice that’s both beautiful and unique. No one sounds like this woman who has been sharing her gift at clubs, house venues and festivals for more than 14 years." - Norman, OK Transcript

What's Your Signature Song? An Ode To 'Wide Open Spaces' By The Dixie Chicks - NPR 2019

Little Big Town and Ingrid Andress cover Wide Open Spaces (Rolling Stone)

Story Behind the Song: Wide Open Country Blog (April 2019)

Wide Open Spaces Turns 20: Ranking The Songs (

Glide Magazine Interview - 2017

Defining Audacity Podcast: Interview and Performance Live from Red River, NM

Moxie Magazine Feature: Summer 2017

Notably Texan Interview: 2016


The Second Hand Review:


Heartworn Highways: When The Hit Hits the Fan - Lonestar Music - 2011 PDF


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