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Hello Fellow Songwriter!

Thanks so much for inquiring about my newest endeavor~ song coaching.  I have discovered over the past 6 years that I really enjoy using my 25 years of songwriting and performing to help writers hone their craft, tap their own internal well of creativity and fulfill their intention. Having come from a family of teachers, it fulfills me too.


I started teaching in 2009 through the Real Life Real Music Songwriter Experience~ a music camp for kids. Then I started doing some adult writing workshops where we talk about the skeleton of emotive music and the musculature of powerful, poignant lyrics. I learned in some one-on-one coaching sessions with some of the workshoppers is where we get to dress the song in tuxedos or coveralls.  


I wrote a hit song that was covered by inter-galactic recording artists, spent 4 weeks at #1 on the country charts, won me numerous awards and honors and will take care of me in my old age.  Those facts are not the most important thing about that song, though. The thing about that song that I have to remember is that it was a song that I wrote when I first started writing. Before I ‘knew’ anything about the craft part. It was written on sincerity and instinct. It was an honest story with some universal truths delivered with genuine emotion.  That hit song is not what qualifies me to coach you. Where my resume lies is in the other numerous songs I have written and recorded, the songs that will never make it off the chopping block and my constant search for what my next song will be.  What I learned from my hit song is that I write for my own clarity first, for my audience understanding second, and lastly for the industry.


I look forward to working with you!


Questions?  Want to schedule a session?  Email



Meet with Susan from anywhere!   

Cost: $75 for one hour or $150 for 2 hours.




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